It doesn't matter whether you are a multimillionaire or just getting started on your journey. No matter who you are or where you are in life, reaching your true dreams can be a challenge, and the quest can leave you feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled with your life and accomplishments. Every day is a gift, but all too often, we are too busy with the daily routine to achieve worthwhile things that will be remembered for years. Yes, You Can! is full of powerful insights and easy-to-apply techniques that will unleash your secret internal power and ignite and fuel your dreams to come to life.


Chase your dreams and discover yourself along the way. Break free from your current situation and create the life you want. Start by realizing just how incredible and precious you are. Then, soak up the expert wisdom and strategies within these pages to establish your roadmap to dream, create, and profit. Yes, You Can!


  • The first step to making your life the best it can be is knowing where you want to end up.
  • Learn to be the expert of your own life.
  • Dream it, create it, and, if you desire, profit from it.
  • You will gain strength by approaching situations with a different mindset.
  • Believe that your imagination can only see the world directly in front of you; then, like a near-sighted person, you will only live in that world you’ve created in your mind.
  • See your talents and know that the unique way you view the world cannot be duplicated.
  • Learn to recognize people who care more about where you are going and less about where you have been.
  • People are attracted to those who have bright futures or those who are creating beautiful things from small beginnings.
  • Grasp how to commit to finding your way and become captain of your life.
  • Creating a culture of emotional safety is paramount to success.
  • Help your brain see what truly matters to you and, more importantly, why you are of value to yourself and your community.
  • The secret to true leadership is finding a way to utilize intelligent data wisely.


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Yes, You Can! is a favorite! It has wonderfully told stories with practical advice on how to create, live and go for a life that you desire. Virginia’s ‘Phillips-isms’ are found throughout the book, sparking inspiration and courage. If you desire to create something but doubt your ability or resilience to overcome life or business obstacles, then this is the book for you. Enjoy the journey.”

“This wonderfully-written book shares so many stories, underlying messages and timeless wisdoms—it is a gem. Take these lessons today and start creating the amazing life you deserve!”

“In Yes, You Can!, Virginia Phillips courageously shares her challenges and inspiring stories so we can benefit from the lessons she’s learned. If you’re thinking about taking the leap into a new territory in your life, and you’re in need of a healthy dose of motivation and inspiration to move forward, Yes, You Can! is a key selection to take with you on your journey.”

—Norman Bell
Host, Hell Yes Life Podcast
Founder, Hell Yes Life

“These are inspiring stories of tragedy to triumph! Virginia’s story is a testament of God’s love and grace for us. Instead of being a victim, she chose to be a victor by letting pain lead her to her purpose! Her ‘Phillips-isms’ are perfect antidotes for anyone struggling to level up their mindset and transform their life. I found myself in many of her circumstances, and you will too. This a MUST-READ!”